Emergency Resources in British Columbia

Emergency Resources in British Columbia

Accidents can happen at any time. For those with disabilities, injuries, and chronic illnesses, knowing what to do in an emergency can be the difference between life and death, which is why it’s important to know the emergency services in your area.

With that in mind, Share Lawyers has put together a list of emergency resources for people living in British Columbia.

Province of British Columbia Resources

Ambulance, Police, and Fire: 9-1-1

If 911 is not available: 1-800-461-9911 (Toll Free) or 250-374-5937 (Cell phone)
You can learn more about 9-1-1 services at the CRTC website.

BC Emergency Health Services (non-emergency number): 604-872-5151 (Lower Mainland)

Health Link BC: 8-1-1 or 7-1-1 (TTY)|
These numbers offer 24-hour confidential health information and advice. You can find out more at the Health Link BC website.

Provincial Health Services Video Conferencing: 604-297-8777 or 1-866-966-4347 (Toll Free)
Video conferencing allows you to speak with a medical professional about non-emergency medical issues. You can find out more at the Provincial Health Services website.

British Columbia Poison Control: 604-682-5050 (Lower Mainland) or 1-800-567-8911 (Toll Free)
Visit the British Columbia Poison Control website for more information.

Alcohol and Drug Information and Referral Service: 604-660-9382 (Lower Mainland)
or 1-800-663-1441 (Toll Free)
This is a 24-hour service for people with any kind of substance abuse issues. You can find out more about British Columbia’s crisis lines here.

Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention: 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433) or 310-6789 (Mental Health Support)
These are services you can reach out to if you are considering suicide, or if you are worried that someone you know might be considering suicide. You can find out more from the Crisis Line Association of BC.

Non-Emergency Information: 2-1-1
BC 211 is a 24-hour service that offers information about a range of government and social services. You can find out more at the BC 211 website.

Canadian Red Cross: 1-888-800-6493
The Canadian Red Cross provides a range of resources, including emergency and disaster services. Visit the Canadian Red Cross website to find local resources in your area.

Environmental Emergencies and Spills: 1-800-663-3456 or 1-800-OILS-911 (Spills in International Waters)
Contact this number to report any pollutants that could be hazardous to people’s health. You can find out more here.

British Columbia RCMP: 778-290-3100
You can call this number with general inquiries for the BC RCMP. Look up your local RCMP division to report a crime or for more specific non-emergency inquiries.


Regional Services

Vancouver Police Department: (604) 717-3321
BC Hydro: 1-800-224-9376
North Shore Emergency Management: 778-338-6300
Van Connect App (24 Hour)

Victoria Police Department: (250) 995-7654 –
24 hour Emergency Management: (250) 361-0400

Abbotsford Police Department: (604) 859-5225
24 hour Emergency Management: (604) 864-5552
Fire Rescue Emergency Program Office: (604) 853-3566

Nanaimo RCMP: (250) 754-2345
Nanaimo Fire Rescue: (250) 753-7311
Nanaimo Public Works (24 hour): (250) 758-5222
Community Outreach Response: 1-888-494-3888
Vancouver Island Crisis Society: 250-753-2495

Kelowna RCMP: (250) 470-6348
Downtown safety concerns: (250) 470-9058
After-hours utility emergencies: (250) 469-8600

Kamloops RCMP: (250) 828-3000
Emergency Management (24 hour): (250) 372-1710
Report safety issues (24 hour): 250-828-3461

Prince George
Prince George RCMP: (250) 561-3300
24-hour service centre: 3-1-1 or (250) 561-7600

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