When Fitness Equals Finance

When Fitness Equals Finance

When Logan was young, he would spend every day outdoors. There was nothing he loved more than tossing a ball, shooting a puck, and running around with his friends. He was athletic from the time he could walk  – and physical activity was an important part of his life.

As he got older he began to run marathons. Fitness became not only a hobby, but a lifestyle for him. For that reason, he decided to turn his passion into a career. He loved his job as a physical trainer. Not only was he active all day long, but he felt like he was truly helping others achieve their goals and become their best selves.

Logan had always been in touch with his own body, and could sense right away if something was wrong. In 2016 he had been working as a personal trainer for just over 5 years when he realized that his balance was off. A few days later while assisting a client, he felt dizzy and had to sit down for a few minutes. His issues gradually became more serious and, as well as dizziness, he began to suffer from unclear vision. One morning, he felt so off balance that he was concerned about getting out of bed. He contacted his doctor right away. To his shock, Logan was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

On top of his health issues, Logan began to experience serious financial concerns, which led to bouts of acute anxiety. Fitness was his life, and he felt aimless. He was not only losing his passion, but also his main skillset.

After several years of struggling with his MS, Logan and his doctor decided that it was time for him to stop working.  When the insurance company denied his application for long-term disability benefits, Logan was shocked. Worried about money and not ready to take no for an answer, he decided to do some research. That was when he came across Share Lawyers. We responded right away.

“This is the first time I had worked with a lawyer, and I believe that Share Lawyers were the right people for me,” he told us. “I did find them to be helpful and quick to respond. I am satisfied and I am very grateful and I find they did a good job.”

If you have found yourself unable to work due to health concerns, there is hope. Share Lawyers is here to help. Contact us today, and move forward knowing that we are on your team.  

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