Just Too Tired – Life with MS

Just Too Tired – Life with MS

Mila had a full and busy life. As a working mother of a teenager and an 8-year-old, she had a lot to manage. In her early forties, Mila was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). She knew that living with this disease would be a struggle, but she was determined to maintain the lifestyle she had built for herself. She was up for a promotion at work, and didn’t want to slow down and get left behind. Her daughters had busy lives, and she managed their schedules, ensuring that they had transportation to all of their extracurriculars, completed their homework, and ate well. She wasn’t going to let MS slow her down.

What Mila did not yet know was that fatigue is a major symptom associated with her condition. A few months after being diagnosed, she was starting to feel worn down. She was having trouble concentrating at work, and after getting home, she rarely had the energy to drive her kids to their activities and organize dinner. However, being the determined woman she is, she kept going. It wasn’t until she almost fell asleep at the wheel one day that she realized it was imperative she make some changes, and slow her pace of life.

Many people experience tiredness on a regular basis. It can be difficult to tell the difference between feeling like you had a bad night’s sleep, and an excessive, constant lack of energy that is not directly caused or relieved by sleeping. When a person is experiencing fatigue, they are unable to function at a normal level. This is what Mila was feeling.

The suggestions for combating MS-related fatigue may seem obvious but they are crucial for those with the disease.

The five best tips for managing fatigue are:

  • Knowing your personal warning signs of fatigue
  • Conserving energy — planning ahead and pacing yourself
  • Eating right
  • Regular exercise
  • Managing stress

Incorporating all of these into a person’s life is easier said than done, especially if they have dependents or a demanding career. Personal care, however, must be the highest priority in order to manage a balanced life with MS.

Mila knew that she would have to let something important to her go. That was when she decided to take a break from work. Having time in the day to maintain healthy habits and focus on her family meant that she could feel her best. Her situation was not ideal, but she knew that what she would gain was worth what she would lose. Share Lawyers were on her side, helping make sure that life was financially stable for Mila, so that she could focus on her health.

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