A Carpenter Without her Tools

A Carpenter Without her Tools

As soon as Ira picked up a hammer in her high school shop class, she knew that building was what she was meant to do. Woodworking became an early passion of hers, and her skills grew stronger as she worked as an apprentice under many accomplished craftspeople. What started as a hobby became a career, and she was great at what she did.

At the age of 40, Ira had been working as a professional carpenter for nearly 20 years. One day, she lost her balance while working on site, and dropped a power tool. Nobody was harmed, but she was still concerned. This was the first time she had been clumsy in such a high stakes situation, and she was shocked. Chalking it up to a lack of sleep and not enough to eat, she moved past the day’s events. A week later, the same thing happened. A few days after that, she lost balance while standing in her kitchen, and fell to the floor. She knew something was wrong.

After months of doctor’s consultations and testing, Ira was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). During this period, unable to work with tools, she had taken on an administrative role in her company. She longed to be working on site, but knew that this was not an option as she got her health sorted. In the coming months, administrative tasks became difficult as well. Her memory was foggy, and she would forget to record key details while taking calls. She was at a total loss.

A friend of Ira’s had a family member who had worked with Share Lawyers, and passed the contact information on to her. Unable to work, and not knowing where to turn, she gave us a call. “Whenever I had a question the staff answered it to the fullest that I could understand and more. I felt very confident. I really could say that everything you’ve done is complete. You made me feel that everyone involved knows exactly what they are doing.”

In the time that we worked with Ira, we were able to assist her in successfully receiving her disability benefits. At Share Lawyers, nothing makes us prouder than seeing those in need get the help they deserve.

“From the first interview I felt I was in great hands,” Ira told us. “I had no stresses knowing the Share team was there to help me through my tough time and they did. Thank you.”

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