The Road to Healing: Taylor’s Story

The Road to Healing: Taylor’s Story

Many of us tend to associate severe back pain with strenuous movement such as intensive physical exertion and heavy lifting. What many don’t realize is that too much inactivity can have as much, if not more of a negative impact on the back than over activity. Taylor learned this the hard way.

When Taylor approached us, he was 47 years old and had been a truck driver all his life. Skilled at his work, he took pride in being a reliable employee. For just under 20 years he had done his job well, and it had been rewarding. However, his work was also taking a hard physical and emotional toll on him.

Driving long distances in rural locations meant that Taylor had limited choices in terms of his diet. With options mainly consisting of fast food, making healthy decisions was not easy. On top of his poor diet, his sleeping habits were inconsistent. Sometimes he drove all day, and sometimes he drove all night. He was often on the road for extremely long stretches at a time without opportunity for a substantial rest. He relied on coffee to keep him alert, and had trouble sleeping due to his lack of routine. This contributed to periods of anxiety, as well as a sleep apnea diagnosis. Taylor’s biggest concern, however, was the strain on his back.

According to Health24, sitting for extended periods of time is included in the top reasons that people experience back pain. In fact, people who drive cars for more than four hours a day are six times more likely to miss work due to back problems than those who drive for less than two hours. It is also noted that people who sit for long stretches have more back problems than those who do manual labour. Taylor had been experiencing back pain for years, and he approached Share Lawyers when his insurance company denied his long-term disability claim. After the denial, his pain became too much to bear. Confounded by his trouble sleeping and unhealthy diet, his work life became unsustainable. We were ready to help.

“Share Lawyers made the process as clear and pain free as possible. The skill and experience in their work and compassion working with me were very welcome,” he wrote to us. “Staff were very helpful and responsive. Shira responded quickly and clearly to my queries. Shira was very good providing context and answering all my questions, quickly and clearly. The day of mediation Kirk’s experience was very welcome. I am thankful that an inequitable situation was made less so.”

*All names and identifying details have been changed to protect the confidentiality of all involved.

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