Long-Term Disability Claim Denied for an Architect With a Concussion

Long-Term Disability Claim Denied for an Architect With a Concussion

Some architects prefer the office, but Sarah had always enjoyed going to construction sites. She loved watching them break ground on a building she designed. It made her feel like little kid playing in the sandbox and it was thrilling to see her visions become reality.

That’s why she usually volunteered whenever the firm needed someone to inspect a site. Her more bookish colleagues never wanted the job, but she was happy to get away from the desk for a bit of fresh air. Sarah never really worried about safety. Her firm’s projects met every structural regulation and she always took the necessary precautions whenever she was in the field.   

Unfortunately, she couldn’t say the same for some of their contractors. She learned that the hard way after her accident. Sarah was touring a site the day after a particularly nasty storm when the base of a scaffold slid in the mud. No one was standing on it when it collapsed, but the loose pipes knocked her off her feet and she blacked out after her head bounced off the bedrock (hard hat and all). She didn’t wake up until she was in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

The doctors diagnosed Sarah with a concussion, telling her that she should be back on her feet in a matter of days. But every concussion is different, so they advised her to seek help if the symptoms persisted. She went back for a follow-up a few weeks later. Sarah was still experiencing dizzy spells and getting random headaches throughout the day. When she tried to go back to work, the bright glare of her computer screen made her nauseous. Even the soft light of a drawing desk was enough to trigger a migraine.

Sarah felt like she was in a fog. She used to have a great mind for numbers, but now they were slipping through her brain before she could put them down on paper. Her poor short term memory made it difficult to focus on the details of the task at hand.

After her follow-up, her doctor referred her to a neurologist. It was a relief when she diagnosed Sarah with post-concussion syndrome and told her to take some time off work to heal. She complied, and filed a long term disability claim to make sure her husband and kids would be covered during her recovery.

Then insurance got in the way. Sarah’s diagnosis came from a neurologist, not her regular family doctor. The insurance provider said she didn’t have the proper medical history to document her condition, conveniently overlooking the fact that the neurologist was more qualified to make a post-concussion diagnosis.

Sarah tried to fight it on her own, but re-filing a claim is a challenge when you’re dealing with a concussion. That’s why she put in a call to Share Lawyers. They were there for one of her friends when he was going through depression, and she knew they could help her get her claim respected.

There’s no cure for a concussion. It’s really just a matter of rest and time, and thanks to her insurance provider, Sarah wasn’t getting enough of either. She’ll be back on the job site when she’s ready. Until then, she’s glad to have Share Lawyers in her corner.   

*All names and identifying details have been changed to protect the confidentiality of all involved.

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