How Desk Work Can Take A Toll On Your Physical & Mental Health

How Desk Work Can Take A Toll On Your Physical & Mental Health

Carl graduated from college five years ago, and felt fortunate to quickly secure a job in his field – human resources. He found his career path compelling, was friendly with all of his co-workers, and felt satisfied with his work life balance.

Carl had always considered himself to be a fairly even tempered person. He was rarely overly enthused, but rarely felt anger or frustration. Overall, he was content.

In his fourth year at his job, he started to experience minor back strain while sitting at his desk. To combat it, he started taking more frequent breaks and stretching during his lunch hour. Still, the pain worsened. Away form his desk for the weekend, his back would feel much better by Sunday evenings, but as soon as he sat down in his office on Monday morning, the strain would return.

Over the coming months, Carl felt more and more agitated. His back pain was making sleeping difficult, and his lack of rest made him more irritable. He started to take up smoking again, which he had quit two years earlier. He would come home from work too tired to eat a proper meal, and wake up in the morning feeling like he wanted to stay home.

The changes in his mood had been subtle and incremental. He hadn’t noticed his life becoming more difficult, until one day his sister confronted him about his changed state. Knowing that depression and addiction were in their family’s history, she wanted to make sure everything was alright. It was then that Carl realised the toll that his physical discomfort was taking on his life. He needed to make some major changes.

According to data from a World Mental Health Survey, chronic back or neck pain is associated with increased risk for mood disorders, alcohol abuse, and anxiety. Compared to people without back pain, those who do experience it are more than twice as likely to experience depression and sleep deprivation. Carl’s physical discomfort had evolved into mental and emotional distress.

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