Medical Professionals – Don’t Wait to Get Help

Medical Professionals – Don’t Wait to Get Help

James always felt that massage therapists should get more credit for their work. A lot of people seem to think it’s a job that anyone could do, and consequently never realized that he was in fact a licensed medical professional. James spent years studying anatomy to learn how the muscles of the human body are connected, which is why he would look for tension in the back when a client was having issues with their shoulder.

James Was Diagnosed With Rheumatoid Arthritis

Of course, his training also gave him a better understanding of his own body. James knew something was wrong when he started to feel the pressure in his fingers. He immediately sought help, but none of the usual treatments seemed to do any good. Then the pain spread to his other joints. James went to his doctor, and was devastated when she diagnosed him with rheumatoid arthritis. Massage therapy is effective, but there’s only so much it can do when the immune system is attacking the joints.

It Took A Toll On His Career

As expected, the arthritis took a toll on James’ career. He didn’t want to let his years of experience go to waste, but the pain became more unbearable the more he tried to soldier on. As a Registered Massage Therapist, he worked exclusively with his hands. He needed strong fingers to work through dense, achy muscle tissue, but a regular one-hour session became excruciating when it hurt to apply even the smallest bit of force. Soon, every patient felt like they were taking years off his career. James’ knuckles would be on fire when he went to bed. The next day they’d be so swollen that he couldn’t even make himself a decent breakfast.      

At a certain point, James had to face reality. He simply couldn’t do the work anymore. It was frustrating, but he took some time off to rest his hands and filed a long-term disability claim to fill the gap. He wasn’t too worried about getting it approved. James had a physical disability that directly hindered his ability to do his job. From his perspective, it seemed like a straightforward case.

Medical Professional Denied Disability

He should have known it wouldn’t be that easy. James was honest about the fact that he eventually wanted to go back to work and the insurance company used that against him. They said if he’d be healthy enough to work later, he should be healthy enough to work now, so his pain must not be that bad. James was livid. Rheumatoid arthritis had taken away his livelihood. How could some insurance rep have the nerve to lecture him about his pain? He decided to appeal the decision on his own and asked his doctor to write to the insurance company again.  

He Reached Out to Share Lawyers

When he got denied again he decided that he’s not the type to go down without a fight. James reached out to Share Lawyers after seeing an ad on TV, and after a few phone calls, he’s putting together the medical records he’ll need to support his case.  Share Lawyers is focused on Disability Claims and has been in business for over 30 years. It can be difficult to ‘prove’ the severity of something intangible like joint pain, but he’s got an official diagnosis and a file folder filled with photos of his swollen hands and a law firm happy to fight to get what James is entitled to receive. That should convince the insurance company to respect him and his claim. Then he’s going to get his arthritis under control so he can get back to work.

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