Allergic to the Great Outdoors – Kim’s Story

Allergic to the Great Outdoors – Kim’s Story

Many of us have sensitivities to the sun. As the climate changes and UV exposure becomes a greater threat to our health, it is important to be conscious of skin protection. For Kim, exposure to the sun leads to more severe consequences than for the average person. She suffers from a sun allergy.

Sun allergy is a term that encompasses a number of different conditions. These include redness, itching, pain, bumps, raised patches, scaling, bleeding, blisters and hives. The most common form of sun allergy is polymorphic light eruption, also known as sun poisoning.

Kim’s Sun Allergy Continued Throughout Her Life

Ever since she was young, Kim was far more sensitive to sunlight than her peers. She would burn easily, and if outside for too long she would develop itchy rashes and swollen blisters. Regular activities like playing soccer at recess and going to the public pool became difficult ordeals. She had to cover up as much skin as she could, stay in the shade, and spend summer days indoors. Over time, she became used to her condition, and was more easily able to adapt to these situations. However, the struggle continued for her throughout her life.

Toward the end of highschool, Kim began to think about her future career paths. Like others, she had to choose what she was going to study at college or university. What her friends didn’t understand was that her sun sensitivities played a huge role in her decision. She had many techniques for keeping her condition under control, including avoiding the outdoors between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., and always wearing long-sleeved clothing made of thick materials as well as wide brimmed hats when she would go outside.

Allergies Are Often Misunderstood

Automatically, she had to rule out any career paths which would require her being outdoors without notice, or where she would have to adhere to specific uniform clothing standards. Later in life, when interviewing for jobs, she would have to explain her condition to potential employers, often putting her at a disadvantage automatically. When she began her career, there were times when she would have flare ups and have to take time off work. While manageable, her condition has consistently affected her life and the choices she has had to make for herself.

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