PTSD: Round Up

PTSD: Round Up

Share Lawyers represents a vast amount of clients who live with PTSD. Whether due to a history of abuse, physical trauma, or as an effect of circumstantial trauma, we work tirelessly to help them get the disability claims they need to get help.  

Here we have a selection of three blogs that provide a great deal of information about PTSD. We’ve provided the signs and physical symptoms of PTSD, information on how to go about filing a disability claim, and answer all your questions about PTSD and what kind of benefits you could be entitled to.

Physical and Emotional Symptoms of PTSD

PTSD is a disorder that came from the symptoms previously known as “shell-shock”. It was commonly related to war veterans or others affected by similar atrocities. Upon returning to life after the war, many men (and women) had shown unnerving symptoms. We have had many clients who suffer from PTSD, which is now recognized as being able to affect anyone who experiences or witnesses a traumatic event. The symptoms of PTSD can be widely varied, including, but not limited to, breathing problems, panic attacks, experiencing flashbacks, and irritability.

PTSD – Disability Claim

At Share Lawyers, we understand that living with PTSD can be debilitating. So we make it our focus to offer the compassion and legal advice needed to assist with finding help. When you’re suffering through the symptoms of PTSD, you are not at your best. Trying to function through all of that can be an undue struggle, and that is where we provide the advice needed to navigate your way to an effective claim.

Ask A Lawyer – PTSD

With many clients who live with PTSD, we get a lot of questions about the condition, and how to apply for benefits in order to get help. Here we’ve answered some of the most common questions asked to us by clients and potential clients regarding PTSD and whether or not it qualifies for disability benefits.


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