The Men of Hollywood – life in a post-Weinstein world, and why these men shouldn’t get a comeback (Louis CK)

The Men of Hollywood – life in a post-Weinstein world, and why these men shouldn’t get a comeback (Louis CK)

Content Warning: This article deals with sensitive subject matter around the topic of sexual abuse and sexual assault.

The last two years have shaken Hollywood – and the world – in unprecedented ways. What has happened to the men of Hollywood in a post-Weinstein world.

The Men Of Hollywood

In October 2017 the allegations began. Tens of women came out of the woodwork, calling out Harvey Weinstein on his years of sexual misconduct, assault, and abuse of power. The stories took the world by storm, and as one brave woman after another came forward, the gender struggles and dynamics that had been silenced or kept behind closed doors became more and more open, and a part of our national dialogue.

By February 2018, 71 influential men had received accusations of misconduct. Now, the world is a different place. #MeToo is still a hot topic, and articles are released daily about the intersections of power and consent. We are living in a time that has become known as the Post-Weinstein era.

Varying Opinions On The Table

There are varying opinions on the table when it comes to the professional downfall of once powerful men. While the majority of the public can agree that Weinstein’s punishments fit his crimes, other areas become murkier.

Actor Matt Damon faced criticism when stating that he believed there is a “spectrum of behaviour” and not all men accused of harassment and assault should be treated equally. There was much public debate surrounding an article published by a woman who expressed feeling sexually pressured by comedian Aziz Ansari when the two went on a date. As time goes on, nuances are exposed, and opinions become more complicated.

How Far Is Too Far?

The big question remains – how far is too far? Should powerful men who knowingly took advantage of their status get a second chance? What is the line between a sincere apology and a PR move? Do these questions even matter, when the focus is on the perpetrators and not the survivors of the assaults? We have many clients suffering from PTSD brought on by assault, and strongly believe that those who have been wronged should be heard and respected.

Times are changing, and so should those at the top of the ladder, not just in Hollywood but in all industries. Precedents need to be set, and examples need to be made. In 2018, we are finally admitting to the mistakes of the past and making efforts toward a better future. Those in powerful positions everywhere can have the chance to understand their wrongdoings and make amends.

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