The Lawyer

The Lawyer

Law School was stressful, but it never could have prepared Rob for the things he would encounter in the real world. He took a job with a powerful downtown law firm after passing the Bar, and while office hours were technically supposed to be 9 to 5, there was no way to get through the workload in that amount of time. Fourteen-hour work days became the norm. When his supervisor caught him sleeping under my desk, he told Rob he was impressed with his ambition.  

The constant pressure took a toll. After one year, Rob hit his breaking point. A major depressive episode knocked him out of work for a week, and when he went back, he wasn’t able to put in the kind of hours that he did when he first started. Rob tried to fight through the depression – it was that or lose the job – but there were days he could barely get out of bed, much less negotiate a real estate deal worth millions of dollars.  

Rob’s bosses weren’t very sympathetic. They only cared about his billable hours, and it was clear they didn’t have much use for him as soon as those numbers started dropping. Depression doesn’t have any physical symptoms, so as they saw it, Rob was being lazy, like all of the other young lawyers who ended up burning out. When they fired him, they said he lacked drive – that he didn’t have what it takes to make it in a cutthroat industry. They did suggest that he should apply for disability benefits, albeit reluctantly.

Rob tried to look for other work, but his depression made job hunting difficult so he followed their advice and put in a long term disability claim. It was denied due to an eating disorder that Rob

had when he was a teenager. The disorder was under control – thanks to years of hard work and dedicated treatment – but Rob’s insurance provider argued that the eating disorder was responsible for the depression and that it therefore counted as a pre-existing condition.

Of course, Rob was well aware of his legal rights, and he was not going to let them dismiss his claim so easily. His breakdown was clearly documented by his doctors, proving that his depression had nothing to do with his eating disorder. He retained the legal team at Share Lawyers to help him with his case.  

That might sound strange to people outside the legal profession. Rob is a lawyer, so why would he need help with a legal claim? But Rob specializes in real estate, not the nuances of long term disability law. That’s why he reached out to someone who does. Share Lawyers is one of the most respected names in the field, and they can help Rob get the benefits he deserves.

Soon he’ll be able to put the ordeal behind him and get back to work. Rob knows he’s still a good lawyer. He just needs to leave the office at a reasonable hour to maintain his mental health.


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