Timely News: Cat Cafés, Straw Bans, and the Accessible Canada Act

Timely News: Cat Cafés, Straw Bans, and the Accessible Canada Act

Here at Share Lawyers, we’re committed to providing the best legal service for our clients. We like to keep up to date on the news, and what’s going on in the world. As such, we’d like to share three news articles.

From discrimination at a cat cafe to straws and the dawn of a new age for those living with disabilities, here are three of the stories our clients shared with us this month.    

The Dawning of a New Age for Persons With Disabilities in Canada

The Toronto Star’s Al Etmanski wrote in July about the potential impact of the Accessible Canada Act and the Senate report on fixes for Revenue Canada regarding the Disability Tax Credit, Breaking Down Barriers. In this piece, Etmanski discusses the significance of including persons with disabilities in the very movements intended to grant them more freedom to be active members of society. “Inclusion without power and leadership is tokenism,” he says, pointing out that the only way to progress is to include the very people that progress is intended to help, but so often shuts out.

Read the full article about inclusion.

Plastic Straw Ban May Bring Backlash From Customers, Disability Groups

Sam Sayer is the owner of a small deli in Peterborough, Ontario. When she opened her deli eight years ago, she never carried items like bottled water or plastic straws. Eventually, she had to, due to demand. Now, it’s all come full circle, as straws are being banned, or at least shunned, across the country. However, there’s been a fair amount of backlash from disability rights groups. In this article from Global News, Niki Anastasakis discusses the straw ban, and its impact on persons with disabilities.

Read the full article about the plastic straw ban.

More Customers Allege Discrimination at Toronto Cat Café After Global News Report

A local Toronto cat café, Meow Cat Café on Mount Pleasant Road, has been refusing service to customers with disabilities. Matthew Bingley with Global News reports on further accusations of discriminatory behaviour from the café after a teenager was denied service unless he got out of his wheelchair.

Read the full article on Meow Cat Café.

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