Quiet Depression: The Subtle Signs that Someone is Hurting

Quiet Depression: The Subtle Signs that Someone is Hurting

It took Will a while to notice that his sister Julia was suffering from depression. Before he understood the nuances of mental wellness, he thought things were black and white. His sister had always been his close friend, she was happy-go-lucky, ambitious and loving. They went out for brunches and walked their dogs in the park. Julia had wonderful friends, a good job, and – from Will’s perspective – she had a great life. What you don’t always hear about depression is that the symptoms are anything but black and white. Anxiety and hopelessness exist in a grey area that isn’t always a reaction to an event, and doesn’t always have an obvious reason at all.

In the months after treatment started for Julia’s first major bout of depression, she was feeling emotionally stable again, Will looked back to reflect on the warning signs that had slipped passed him. How could he have not seen that his sister was in pain? They spoke nearly every day, and somehow he had missed it.

The signs and symptoms of depression are as varied as the people they inhabit. What Will didn’t see was that Julia’s constant tardiness was a result of her crippling fear of leaving the house. What he didn’t see was that when she told him getting dressed and making breakfast was an accomplishment, she wasn’t exaggerating or trying to be funny.

Will was online one day when he came across a Buzzfeed article about comics that outline what depression feels like. Suddenly, it clicked. If we could all be more aware of the signs of suffering, he thought, we would be more able to help others, and we would be more open to help ourselves.

There are so many resources at our disposal, if we have the tools to know where to look, and the will to reach out. Local crisis centres are available 24/7 if you believe you or a loved one are suffering and may hurt themselves – a list can be found here. Mind your Mind offers mental health programs that works in partnership with youth, young adults, and the professionals who serve them to co-develop innovative tools and resources.

What Will learned is that the most important thing is to never feel ashamed about asking for help if his or his sister’s mental health is suffering. Caring for yourself is the strongest and bravest thing you can do.

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