Mental Illness Touches Everyone: Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade

Mental Illness Touches Everyone: Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade

This article deals with sensitive subject matter around the topic of suicide and mental illness. If you or someone you know are having suicidal thoughts, please contact your province’s Suicide Prevention Crisis Centres. There is help out there.

Anthony Bourdain & Kate Spade Both Died Of Suicide

On June 5th, 2018, news broke that famous fashion designer and icon Kate Spade had died. The world very quickly found out that the cause of death was suicide. She was 55. Just days after, on June 8th, 2018, passing of celebrity chef and author Anthony Bourdain was announced. Again, the cause of death was suicide. He was 61.

Andy Spade, Kate Spade’s husband, said he’d spoken to her the night before she was found dead in her Manhattan apartment, and that she “sounded happy.” He added that her death was “a complete shock,” and that “there was no indication and no warning she would do this.”

Friend and fellow celebrity chef Adam Richman expressed his shock at Bourdain’s passing, saying “never gonna stop wondering why.” Jamie Oliver said he was “in total shock,” and Gordon Ramsay added that he was “stunned and saddened” to hear of Bourdain’s death.

They Never Gave Anyone Cause To Worry

In addition to the shared time frame and cause of death, reactions to the passing of Spade and Bourdain also had many similarities. The outcry from both friends and fans suggest that, despite openly living with depression, Spade and Bourdain never gave anyone cause to worry that they wanted to end their own lives.

1 in 5 Canadians suffer from some form of mental illness, and 8% of Canadians will experience major depression in their lifetime. Approximately 11 Canadians will commit suicide on a given day, while approximately 210 will attempt suicide. It’s estimated that roughly 4,000 people a year die by suicide in Canada alone, and suicide is considered the leading cause of violent death in the world, above homicide.

Society Struggles To Talk About Depression & Suicide

But despite these statistics, we struggle as a society to truly talk about depression and suicide. Depression seems somehow a distant thing. As an invisible illness, it’s often left untreated, or even undiagnosed due to its physical symptoms that can act as red herrings. But depression affects everyone. From the sufferer of the disease itself, the effects radiate out to their family, friends, and the community in which they live. In one way or another, depression affects us all.

Kate Spade Suffered From Mental Illness
Anthony Bourdain Suffered From Mental Illness

Depression, if left untreated, can lead to debilitating physical and mental conditions that can last the rest of someone’s life or even cause their untimely death. To make matters worse, the roadblocks to claiming disability benefits around mental illness can be plentiful.

Long Term Disability Benefits For Depression

At Share Lawyers, we believe that those who suffer from depression require the same long term disability benefits as anyone else coping with a physical illness or debilitating condition. We are saddened by the knowledge that depression affects so many people, and yet so few feel they can seek the help they need, or receive the resources necessary to start the road to recovery. We are here as a team to use our legal services to fight for you.

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