Round Up: Heart Disease

Round Up: Heart Disease

Round Up: Heart Disease

Heart disease affects millions of people worldwide and can be deadly. When it comes to your disability claims and heart disease, Share Lawyers knows this critical illness can have a major effect on your ability to live and work as you did before your diagnosis.

Here is a roundup of our top posts about heart disease, insurance claims, and disability benefits that you might find helpful.

Can Insurance Companies Use Their Own Definitions of Common Critical Illnesses Such As Heart Attack, Cancer or Stroke?
The insurance company’s definition of a critical illness is often far more detailed and complex, resulting in fewer payouts on their behalf. Remember, insurance companies are out to make money! For example, typically insurance companies do not use the consumers’ definition of heart attack or even the medical industry’s definition – they use their own. For that reason, it is essential to check with your critical illness insurance lawyer to help identify the specific provisions of your contract.

What is the Difference between Short-Term and Long-Term Disability?
There may be different lengths of time individuals with heart disease need to recover and are unable to work. It’s essential to know the difference between short-term and long-term disability when it comes to your insurance claim and your heart disease.

What’s the Difference Between Critical Illness Insurance and Disability Insurance?
When trying to understand different types of insurance, it is easy to get confused. One of the most difficult distinctions to make is the difference between critical illness insurance and disability insurance.

Remember that if you are unable to work because of your heart disease, you need to get the coverage you deserve. With heart disease as one of the leading causes of death in Canada, putting your health and well being first is an absolute must.


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