Disability Law and Your Rights: Our Top 5 Blogs

Disability Law and Your Rights: Our Top 5 Blogs

Whether you have a disability, know someone who does or simply want to be prepared, we want you to have access to the most important information you need to know. If you are unfamiliar with disability law, we have a quick and easy way that you can learn the most important facts.

“If you are suffering you are not at your best, and need the steady, compassionate advice of experienced long-term disability claim lawyers to assist you in navigating your way to fair and equitable resolution of your claim,” explains President of Share Lawyers, David Share.

These articles cover everything from why you should hire legal representation for your claim, to insightful patient surveys.

1. Projected Growth in Disability Means Education a Must

This post is a reaction to The Canadian Survey on Disability that was released in 2015. The survey highlights a projected growth in disability and disability claims in Canada. This is due to that fact that people are living longer than they ever have before, and as a result the country is treating more disabilities than in previous generations. Even two years later, the anticipated increases will create greater need for disability claim education and action, as well as services for those with disabilities. Read more.

2. How Does Hiring a Disability Lawyer Help You?

There are many advantages for hiring a disability lawyer. In this post, Share Lawyers details the benefits of hiring legal representation. Disability insurance law is complex and many claims are denied by insurance companies. Having legal representation will help you follow standard procedures and avoid common, preventable mistakes. Lawyers will help you understand and access your legal rights, and protect you from unfair treatment. Read more here.

3. 30 Years of the Share Law Guarantee

The Share Law Guarantee is a 5-point promise to our clients that includes: no fees unless we win; great communication; empathy; experience; and results. In this blog post, Share Lawyers provides an infographic that features positive feedback from or clients and showcases how the Share Law Guarantee works. Read more.

4. Medical Professional Survey Infographic

Share Lawyers conducted a survey of healthcare professionals regarding their patients’ experiences. The survey covered the most commonly diagnosed conditions in their practice and how people feel during their medical consults. The results were surprising and Share Lawyers created this blog post and infographic to highlight them. Read more.

5. Why Band-Aid Legal Solutions Don’t Work in Disability Insurance Claims

In this post, Share Lawyers outlines common quick-fix solutions for denied claims that do not work. In most disability insurance cases, nothing can replace pursuing your case through the legal process. Avoid these fruitless solutions and hire a disability lawyer. Read more.

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