US Immigration Ban and an Independent Judiciary: Why It Matters For Disability Litigation

US Immigration Ban and an Independent Judiciary: Why It Matters For Disability Litigation

With the recent immigration ban in the United States for people from seven specific countries, the new US administration has taken unprecedented steps to ensure that their agenda is put into action. When a judge in Seattle ruled that the ban was unconstitutional, the American president protested that the ruling of this “so-called judge” will be overturned.US Immigration Ban and an Independent Judiciary

A sitting US president referring to a federal judge as “so-called” should be cause for concern for all people who believe the rule of law is one of the solid pillars that ensures that our western democracies continue to operate as intended with the necessary checks and balances between different levels of government.

The Immigration Ban Is Chilling

The immigration ban in and of itself is chilling when considering the foundation upon which the United States and Canada have been built. Immigrants are responsible for having settled and built both Canada and the United States. While we all want to live in countries and communities that are safe and free of fear from terrorist activity, we must not allow our basic human values of respect for all people to be compromised to the point that our societies are fundamentally altered beyond recognition.

Disability Litigation

As for pursuing disability insurance claims, the independence of our courts and the respect for the rule of law is a fundamental right that is needed to ensure that insurance companies can be held to account. While anyone can disagree with a particular decision that may be made by any one judge, if insurance companies were to take the position that a decision is not valid because it was made by a “so-called judge”, what would that do for the respect that we all must have for the judiciary. As in the US, appeals can be brought, but ultimately, without respect for our courts and the rule of law, our society is one step further on the road to anarchy.

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