Celebrity Illnesses: Catherine Zeta Jones and Bipolar Disorder II

Mental illness is often considered a taboo subject. However, mental health disorders affect the majority of the population. Bipolar Disorder II is the more common of Bipolar Disorders, sometimes called Manic Depressive Disorder. Some of the symptoms include prolonged feeling of agitation, trouble sleeping, major changes in appetite and thoughts of suicide.

Share Lawyers - Celebrity Illnesses: Catherine Zeta Jones and Bipolar Disorder II

Catherine Zeta Jones Suffers From Bipolar Disorder II

Catherine Zeta Jones shocked the world in 2011 when she shared that she would be taking time off to treat her Bipolar Disorder II. Many look at a celebrity and assume that this person has a fairly blessed life. They may feel confused as to how a celebrity could suffer from such a disease. Defined by prolonged periods of depressive and manic episodes, it seems strange that someone beautiful, gifted and happy could experience Bipolar Disorders or depressive episodes. Zeta Jones’ statement shed light on a subject that many hide from. It showed that it doesn’t matter who you are or what your life is like – mental illness can occur in anyone. And it is a lifelong battle.

Several Factors Contribute To The Illness

Bipolar Disorder II doesn’t have a known cause. There are; however, several factors that are believed to contribute to the illness. It can occur at any time and is usually attributed to either genetic or circumstantial situations that cause high stress. For Zeta Jones, her announcement of suffering from the disease occurred after a series of particularly stressful events. Her husband, Michael Douglas, was battling stage IV throat cancer and they were in the midst of a legal dispute with his ex-wife over the proceeds from one of his movies. It wouldn’t be a stretch to speculate that immense stress contributed to a flare up in Catharines’ disorder.

Bipolar Disorder II is a lifelong battle that Zeta Jones will have to manage her entire life. While there is no known cure, it can be treatable with therapy and medication. With more celebrities coming forward with their own personal battles, hopefully the transparency and discussion can help the stigma around this illness come to an end.

Were you surprised that such a prominent celebrity suffered from mental illness? Do you know any other celebrities with this illness?

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