Communication is a Priority for Disability Law Firm

Communication is a Priority for Disability Law Firm

For Marlene D., the decision to take her insurance company to court for Long-Term Disability benefits was a stressful one. However, the support and communication she received from the Share Lawyers team every step of the way made her feel more at ease during this challenging time. Marlene is happy she chose to work with Share Lawyers.

Share Lawyers - Communication is a Priority for Leading Disability Law Firm

Communication Was Key

“From my first phone call to Share Lawyers, I knew I had made the right decision. I went immediately from an extremely stressful situation as I tried to fight my own case against the insurance company, to one of support, information, action, and compassion.

Communication was key. Wendy initially took on that role, spending 45 minutes on the phone with me in immediate response to my email via the Share Lawyers website. She patiently, kindly and thoroughly answered all of my questions and addressed all of my concerns. There was no pressure to sign on, just support.”

No Pressure

My meeting with David Share was within a week of my first contact. It was the only time I was asked to drive to Toronto until the time surrounding my settlement meeting. All correspondence was done by phone, email, or courier. It was done quickly, simply, and thoroughly. Even at the time of my initial meeting, there was no pressure to sign on. He listened, provided information and when I hesitated, he encouraged me to go home and be sure of my decision before returning the signed forms.

Communication then passed to Shira, who over the course of the eight months until settlement, patiently read my emails and responded either in kind or by phone. No question was too trivial.  No concern was ignored. She responded within two days of my emails, sometimes sooner, with all the information that was needed after consulting with other associates as necessary to answer my questions. She even phoned to advise me that she was going on vacation and to whom I should address all matters to in her absence.

Finally, Steven did an excellent job of preparing me for the settlement meeting during my only other visit to Share Lawyers. When I left, I had a very clear idea of what would transpire and my role in that process. No detail was ignored. The settlement meeting itself was incredibly stress-free and successful. At all times I felt that I was in good hands and a favourable outcome would ensue.”

Supportive, Responsive and Informative Service

“I couldn’t have asked for more supportive, immediately responsive and informative service.  The staff at Share Lawyers went above and beyond my expectations. I feel that the settlement was fair, even as a compromise amount. I very quickly had the money in my account at my disposal.  It did not get put on someone’s desk while I waited weeks to receive it. Everything was expedited in an immediate, thorough, and efficient manner.

I did not find Share Lawyers lacking in any way, and it actually exceeded my expectations. I am so very thankful that my naturopath recommended you to me and encouraged me to seek out your services. Since then I have recommended you to several people who might be in need of your services in the future. I cannot say enough positive things about you and feel as though I have been supported and guided by friends who have had my best interests in mind.

The support I received from Share Lawyers gave me the strength not to give up but to insist on being given what is rightfully mine. I am grateful for your assistance and I no longer need to feel the victim in all of this. I only wanted what was just, and your team made that possible. Thank you!”

– Marlene D.


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