Celebrities Living with Long-Term Disabilities: Lupus

Celebrities Living with Long-Term Disabilities: Lupus

This blog about Lupus is the second blog post in our series on Celebrities with Long-Term Disabilities. Click here to read the first post in the series, on celebrities with Diabetes.

Lupus may sound familiar to those who are fans of the medical show House. Although Dr. House may tell his staff: “It’s never Lupus,” it’s actually more common than one might think. However, despite the prevalence of the disease, it’s still fairly obscure as to what it is and how it’s caused.

Despite years of research, it’s still unclear as to what causes the disease, however its effects are well-documented. Most describe it as an autoimmune disease caused by inflammation of one or more parts of the body. Lupus results in the body becoming confused and attacking itself when it can’t tell the difference between good proteins (antibodies) that protect the body and foreign invaders, like viruses.

The most common form of Lupus is SLE (systemic lupus erythematosuse). This form of the disease can target any tissue or organ of the body, including skin, lungs, muscles, joints, etc.

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Selena Gomez Diagnosed With Lupus

There have been many celebrities who have been diagnosed with the disease – most recently Selena Gomez, who announced her diagnosis in 2015. She knew that she was inflicted with the disease for three years prior. Selena took time off from creating music to focus on her health in private.

More Celebrities Diagnosed

Nick Cannon is another public figure who has actively spoken about his battle with this disease. When he was first diagnosed, he wasn’t sure what Lupus was. Since then, he has spoken of the disease on several occasions, hoping to spread education and awareness to those who are inflicted. According to Nick, knowledge is the ultimate weapon against the disease. Knowledge of what causes symptoms can help patients take preventative measures to avoid flare ups.

As we look through other cases of celebrities suffering from this disease, it’s easy to see how differently the disease can affect each individual. Seal battled with Lupus as a child, leaving him with facial scars and hair loss. On a less severe but still very serious scale, Toni Braxton describes the disease as feeling like “you have the flu every day.”

The largest challenge in living with Lupus is in learning to control the disease. Knowledge, research and a good support system are essential for any battle any health issues.

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Were you surprised by any of the celebrities reported with Lupus? Do you know any other celebrities with this illness?

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