Gender Reassignment Surgery and Long Term Disability Insurance

Gender Reassignment Surgery and Long Term Disability Insurance

A person’s sexuality really ought to have no place in the determination of entitlement to Disability Insurance Benefits; this includes gender reassignment surgery. Disability Insurance benefits are designed to provide income replacement or financial assistance to those covered for such benefits during their times of need. This assistance is based on medical evidence that establishes restrictions and limitations on the ability to work. 

Gender Reassignment Surgery

Disability Insurance benefits are denied for a variety of reasons, but when it comes to people that are Transgender who are going through Sex or Gender Reassignment Surgery (“SRS”), disabling features of the process may centre on a variety of factors. There is no doubt a significant degree of stress involved in participating in the various stages of the surgical process. There is also the financial cost of pursuing a gender change, not to mention that emotional and psychological impact of dealing with the changes on a very personal level, plus dealing with friends, family and the outside world.

Gender Reassignment and Long Term Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance Benefits Denied At Inopportune Times

Our society has come a long way in accepting people’s differences, be it race, creed, colour or sexual orientation, however, discrimination and bias continue to be significant problems in our society. The stigma attached to Gender Reassignment is still very much part of the reality of day-to-day life in Canada. So, it is not hard to imagine, given the challenges of coming to terms with the decision to undertake Gender Reassignment Surgery, that many people will suffer mental health issues that make it difficult to cope with day-to- day life and working in particular.

We have handled cases for several people going through this very struggle, only to have their disability insurance benefits denied at the most inopportune times. Their claims may have centred on other health issues, but having their financial safety net pulled from them in the midst of the surgical process, created additional stress and symptoms.

If you or someone you know is going through SRS, only to have your STD or LTD denied or cut-off, you should not hesitate to contact an experienced disability insurance lawyer.


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