Invisible Disabilities and Mental Health

Invisible Disabilities and Mental Health

.A large percentage of disability insurance claims are based on mental health problems (invisible disabilities). Insurance companies have a number of typical methods to deny these claims. Workplace stress, major depressive episode, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are a few of the most frequently cited conditions that form the basis for disability insurance claims.

Invisible Disabilities & Mental Health

Invisible Disabilities

Why are these types of claims so difficult? The symptoms are “invisible”. They don’t show up on an x-ray, MRI or other types of medical tests. They are difficult to treat and so insurance companies like to focus on the lack of appropriate medical treatment or the failure to obtain any treatment. Often symptoms like these are dealt with by the medical profession by prescribing medication that often have significant side effects, which makes patients reluctant to take the medication.

If the problem arose due to a workplace incident or dispute, insurance companies suggest that disability insurance is not designed to provide benefits for such situations. This is not true, provided that medical information can be provided that supports the diagnosis, symptoms and severity of their impact on you the person making the claim.

The Process Can Be Frustruating

Being asked to repeatedly fill out forms and to provide additional information is frustrating when you’re at your best. When you’re struggling with a disabling health condition, these requirements are not only frustrating but overwhelming too.

Even the most thoroughly and accurately prepared applications for disability benefits can be met with a common denial. A denial that the information provided is not sufficient to establish entitlement to disability benefits.

In the face of repeated requests for more information and the rejection of your claim, what should you do? You should contact an experienced disability insurance lawyer. There is usually no upfront cost to obtain an initial idea of whether you can benefit from the services of an experienced lawyer. You may be surprised that you actually have a good chance of success.


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