Sherrie’s Experience With Post Concussion Syndrome

Sherrie’s Experience With Post Concussion Syndrome

Share Lawyers - Sherrie’s Experience With Post Concussion Syndrome

Concussion Diagnosis

40 year old Sherrie Crawford was in her prime. She worked as a Legal Assistant, had two sons, and loved walking with her dog Emma. An avid skier, Sherrie was familiar and comfortable with many hills and had been skiing since she was a girl. Sherrie was at one of her favourite resorts on March break with her family. Due to the mild weather, much of the snow base had melted and rapidly frozen over again. As Sherrie was approaching the bottom of the hill, her ski went out from underneath her and she fell backwards. She hit her head on the ice, and although she was wearing a helmet, Sherrie blacked out. Several skiers helped her down the hill and brought her to the medic station, who then sent her to the hospital to get checked out. Sherrie discovered that she had a concussion, but was told she should be fine.

However, after several weeks of rest, Sherrie wasn’t feeling any better. She kept getting headaches, vomiting and nausea, and had trouble concentrating. She went to her family doctor and was diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome. Her doctor, worried that her symptoms were not clearing, referred her to a neurologist. As the appointment was quite a ways away, Sherrie’s doctor recommended that she take some time off her work as a Legal Assistant. Sherrie applied for short-term disability benefits through her company, which were approved. She thought that she would start to get better, and everything would be fine once she went to see the neurologist.

Post Concussion Syndrome

Two months later, Sherrie finally went to see the specialist. Her symptoms, however, had gotten worse. She could barely focus, and sometimes had trouble with sensitivity to light and noise. It was difficult for her to function. The neurologist told her that she needed to stay off of work in order to clear up her symptoms, and that the more rest she could give herself, the better. Hearing this and worried about her condition, Sherrie applied for long-term disability benefits in the same way as she did the short-term. However, this time her claim was denied on the basis that the insurance company alleged that there was insufficient medical evidence to support her claim.

As Sherrie had not gone back to see the family doctor between her initial diagnosis and seeing the neurologist, the insurance company deemed her case not eligible. Sherrie was desperate, but thought that she could fix the situation by appealing the decision. She followed all the instructions, and got additional medical documentation. She appealed three times on her own, but was denied each time.

Share Lawyers Helps Fight Insurance Company

Sherrie was ready to give up on her case altogether, until she saw a TV commercial for Share Lawyers. She took a chance, gave them a call and was offered a free consultation with one of the lawyers. Sherrie met with Samantha Share who immediately assured her that she had a good case even though she had appealed on her own. Share Lawyers helped her to fight the insurance company to get the benefits that she should have been receiving. They got her all the back payments and several years into the future enabling her to think about what she might be able to do next.

Sherrie has never completely recovered and is still living with long-term medical problems, but she now has the financial means to live comfortably thanks to Share Lawyers.

[All names and identifying details have been changed to protect the confidentiality of all involved.]


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