Amina’s Story: Denied LTD and Dismissed

Amina’s Story: Denied LTD and Dismissed

Amina Gabol truly had it all until she was denied LTD after an injury. After college, Amina landed her dream job as a physiotherapist and met the man of her dreams too! Now, at 45-years-old, Amina was just as happy. She liked getting up every day to help people with physical difficulties and pain, and she loved coming home to her amazing family.

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Getting out of the shower at home, Amina slipped and fell on the wet floor, hitting her head. It hurt a little, but Amina got up and went to work anyway. Later that day, Amina was dizzy, light- headed and her vision began to blur – there was no way she would be able to treat the rest of her patients. Without hesitation, Amina called her husband and had him bring her to the ER.

Here, the physician told her that she had experienced a severe concussion. All of this meant a minimum of 6-8 weeks off work to avoid further complications. Amina was crushed. She hated to abandon her patients, but more than that: how could she possibly support her family if she stopped working?



Lucky for Amina, she was quickly approved for her disability benefits and the financial support allowed her to take the time she needed to recover from her unfortunate accident. After 12 weeks of rest and recuperation, Amina felt ready to get back to her patients! Amina wanted to start slowly, with just a couple of days a week, but her supervisors were eager to have her back on the job meeting the demands of her clients.

Very quickly, Amina learned that her accident was still having residual effects on her body. Often, Amina’s vision would blur and some objects would take several seconds to come into focus.

Amina found herself having debilitating migraines that prevented her from treating her patients to the best of her ability. Most upsetting of all, Amina found herself finding it hard to find and say the right words when she communicated with her colleagues. She worried for the future.



A few weeks after her return, Amina’s supervisor informed her that she was being let go. The company felt that Amina was no longer able to perform the duties of her job, so they offered her two weeks termination pay and asked her not to return.

Amina was devastated. When she called her disability insurance to reapply for her benefits, she was denied ltd on the basis that she was able to work.



With nowhere left to turn, Amina quickly booked a consultation with Share Lawyers. A family friend had used their services before, so Amina knew that the firm had years of experience helping others in a similar situation. Immediately, the team got to work compiling a strong case against Amina’s insurance company and former employer. Share Lawyers empathized with Amina and cared about the details of her case. Amina’s lawyers were careful not to overwhelm her with unnecessary paperwork and forms. It took some time, but Share Lawyers negotiated a fair and substantial settlement on Amina’s behalf for both the disability claim and her wrongful dismissal.

After the case was settled, Amina was able to find another physiotherapist position part-time, which gave her more time to recover from the accident.

[All names and identifying details have been changed to protect the confidentiality of all involved.]

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