Dr. Spoerer’s Struggle with the Insurance Company

Dr. Spoerer’s Struggle with the Insurance Company

With a happy family, a thriving practice in Family Medicine and an active lifestyle, Jon Spoerer had achieved many accomplishments. Until he discovered the cause of his sore back, he did not know that he had spent 48 years developing a long-term disability. His long-term disability insurance would only cover his needs in the short-term until Share Lawyers helped him win a case against his insurance company.

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By his mid-thirties, Dr. Spoerer had a busy medical practice and a busy family life. Still with stamina to spare, he continued his lifelong sport as a long-distance runner. Around his 45th birthday, however, he realized that years of pounding pavement as a runner and long hours on his feet as a doctor was degenerating his lower back.


Changing his habits to soften the effects on his lower back would allow Dr. Spoerer to continue practicing medicine and enjoy family life. Yet paring back would have other consequences. His high-performance lifestyle included a healthy income. Reducing time at work (from 50 to 30 hours per week) would cause a massive reduction in family income, and he was worried about being able to provide properly for his family. Replacing lost income became his next challenge.


Fortunately, he had private disability insurance. It included residual disability benefits that would pay a proportion of his benefit based on actual loss of income. Dr. Spoerer slowed down his work week, and tried to keep things moving. His claim was accepted and benefits were paid – for a while.


After one year, the insurer began questioning both Dr. Spoerer’ lifestyle choices and the accuracy of the financial information he was providing. They suggested that he wanted to use the insurance benefits as an early-retirement fund and questioned whether he really would earn as much money as he claimed since he had already dropped his work week down to four days. The intense scrutiny from the insurance company brought added stress with it, exacerbating his pain.


Though his lifestyle choices were sensible and his financial claims accurate, Dr. Spoerer was not successful at resolving the challenges raised by his insurer. He turned to Share Lawyers to help secure his rights under his disability insurance policy. After extensive document-gathering, securing expert reports, and lengthy legal proceedings, an agreement was negotiated. He received a lump-sum settlement.

Returning to work, Dr. Spoerer continues to find satisfaction in serving his patients’ medical needs while living life with a new, moderate balance. He says, “I had many thoughts over many days about how to deal with the denial of benefits. Making that first call to Share Lawyers proved to be one of my best decisions. The results DSA got for me have enabled me to be more balanced in both work and family life. Thank you.”

[All names and identifying details have been changed to protect the confidentiality of all involved.]

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