Let’s Talk: Jeremy’s Mental Health Struggle

Let’s Talk: Jeremy’s Mental Health Struggle

The fast pace of his high-pressure job as vice president of one of Toronto’s top advertising agencies took its toll on 56-year-old Jeremy Chandler. When he turned to his insurance provider for disability benefits in his time of need for his mental health struggle, they refused to pay. In response, Jeremy hired Share Lawyers to fight his benefits.


Jeremy had enjoyed great success in his over twenty years in advertising and had climbed the corporate ladder all the way up to one of the most coveted positions at his agency. His success didn’t come without a price, however. After many years burning the candle at both ends, Jeremy began to crumble under the pressure.

70-hour work weeks caused Jeremy to develop insomnia and, subsequently depression and anxiety. That’s when his dependence on alcohol began.

What started out as a single scotch to “take the edge off” after a long day, turned into a few drinks, and then a few more, until the bottle was empty at the end of each night. When his marriage of 16 years fell apart and his wife moved out, the grief put Jeremy over the edge.

Alcohol, it seemed, was his only constant companion. His drinking began to affect his work, and people began to take notice. Fortunately, there was a turning point. Jeremy’s employer told him his job was on the line if he did not seek help immediately for his mental health struggle, so Jeremy made the decision to enter rehab.


Jeremy acknowledged that he had an addiction and committed to treatment fully. After a 90-day stay in rehab, Jeremy returned to work. Unfortunately, he dove right into his previous workload and relapsed. His doctor told him he needed more time away from his job.


With no income, Jeremy had to apply for his LTD benefits.

Jeremy’s group insurance provider denied his claim for disability benefits. They argued that his alcohol addiction did not fit their definition of “total disability” as outlined in the policy.


Jeremy knew he didn’t have the strength to fight the insurance company, who he felt was breaking its contract by failing to provide benefits when he was sick. He retained Share Lawyers because of the firm’s expertise fighting  cases against his insurance carrier for denying claims based on addiction.

Jeremy was thankful for the straightforward legal process. His lawyer kept him informed every step of the way while lifting the burden of dealing with the insurance company off his shoulders. He was able to focus on his treatment while Share Lawyers handled his case through to mediation, where a substantial lump-sum settlement was negotiated for him.

He was able to relax for the first time in many years knowing that even though he was not working, he had the financial security to turn his attention inward, for once, and take care of his health. Jeremy had many high roads to traverse in order to beat his addiction. With his insurance claim settlement, he could now do it with financial security and peace of mind. SP

[All names and identifying details have been changed to protect the confidentiality of all involved.]