Leadership in Law Firms at Harvard Law School

Leadership in Law Firms at Harvard Law School

My Week of Executive Education at Harvard Law School for Leadership

I spent a fascinating week at Harvard Law School at the end of September, 2015 participating in a program entitled “Leadership in Law Firms”. I chose to apply to this program in order to enhance my skills as a leader of a law firm, to ensure that Share Lawyers adopts best practices in the way our firm is managed.


The program did not disappoint, as I got to learn from top notch faculty at Harvard, from both the business school and the law school, and also from other law firm leaders from 15 countries.   Many of these other firms were large global firms with offices in multiple cities and countries.  I learned that the challenges of running a successful professional service firm, no matter what size are similar and sharing a diverse set of perspectives from different practice areas, culture and parts of the world puts your own concerns and challenges into sharp focus.


We discussed a broad range of topics regarding best practices for law firm management, with a strong focus on innovation and the impact of delivery of legal services in the 21st century.

By completing this course, we have taken steps to ensure that Share Lawyers will be ready to meet the challenge of the rapidly changing business environment in order to continue providing the best possible representation to our clients.

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