Can Independent Medical Assessments Ordered by the Insurance Company Affect your Disability Benefits?

Can Independent Medical Assessments Ordered by the Insurance Company Affect your Disability Benefits?

Medical Assessment Chosen By The Insurance Company Can Be A Concern

Applying for disability benefits can be a long and complicated process. This process can be especially complicated when your insurance company tries to deny your claim! Even if your doctor supports your claim for long-term disability, your insurance policy may have provisions . These provisions can allow the insurance company to have you assessed by a doctor of their choosing in order to establish if you are truly entitled to benefits. While the medical practitioner chosen by the insurance company must be qualified to do a medical assessment and the medical assessment itself must be reasonable, it can often be an area of great concern for those seeking disability benefits because not all doctors agree on diagnoses.

You Can Ask Your Family Doctor For A Referral

Sometimes a family doctor can feel intimidated by a specialist who has examined you for an insurance company. Fortunately, you can ask your family doctor to refer you to a specialist. This specialist can be in the same field as the insurance company’s expert, or in the most appropriate specialty for your condition. The combination of a supportive family doctor and a specialist who agrees with your family doctor’s findings is persuasive. This combination can help and  you may have a good chance of winning against the insurance company.

But don’t worry- you have definitely come to the right place! Even if you don’t have doubts about your claim, as soon as you decide to apply for disability benefits, it is always best to consult a qualified, long-term disability lawyer. The Share Lawyers team has years of experience and expertise on their side and they always work hard to win you back the benefits you deserve!

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