How are Denied Long-Term Disability Cases Settled?

How are Denied Long-Term Disability Cases Settled?

Disputes between claimants and insurance companies can often arise during long-term disability cases because the contracts between you and your insurance company can be very convoluted and contain a number of hidden loopholes. Claimants depend on the security of a long-term disability contract, but are often left facing a mountain of bills when their claim is denied.

Because long-term disability claims usually mean substantial and ongoing benefit payouts, insurance companies will often try every angle to deny the benefits that you deserve and unfortunately they can get away with this because many times the claimant is not adequately informed of the provisions in his or her policy.

Although many denied long-term disability cases lead to lawsuits, the good news is that many of these cases can be settled before going to trial! A Share lawyer can stand up for your rights and expose the inconsistencies in the insurance company’s contract, which may result in you getting the benefits you desperately need! There are a number of approaches your lawyer can pursue to resolve your case without ever having to go to trial including: fighting for a reinstatement of your disability benefits where the insurer will pay what is owing to bring the disability benefits up to date or a buy out or lump sum settlement where the insurer pays a lump sum in return for the insured giving up all of his or her future rights under the agreed upon policy.

Having the experienced Share Lawyers team by your side during your long term disability case can send a strong message to your insurance company that you need to be treated fairly. Share Lawyers can improve your chances of settling your case by actively working to prove your entitlement to benefits and by motivating your insurance company to properly evaluate your claim and give you proper and fair consideration.

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