What Cancer Patients Really Want to Hear

What Cancer Patients Really Want to Hear

The Globe and Mail recently featured a story about Canadian physician, cancer survivor and writer, Nikhil Joshi, and his new book, The End of Suffering.

Cancer Diagnosis

Joshi was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in September, 2013. He began writing as a form of catharsis throughout his aggressive chemotherapy treatments. Now, with his cancer in remission, he wants to bring hope to others.

The End of Suffering offers great insight and inspiration for people who are living with cancer, or whose lives have been touched by the disease.

Joshi states that he saw his diagnosis as a challenge to be happy in spite of cancer. He acknowledges that he is a far better doctor today because he understands the needs of cancer patients.

What Cancer Patients Want To Hear

In his book, Joshi also offers his perspective about how best to talk to a cancer patient. He notes that when he was going through some of his most challenging days with the illness, he wanted his family and friends to bring happiness and normalcy to his life instead of pity and sadness.

If you have, or are currently living with an illness, what are some things you want your loved ones to do and say? What don’t you want to hear?

Share your comments with us.

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