5 Ways to Prevent Delays When Filing Your LTD Claim

5 Ways to Prevent Delays When Filing Your LTD Claim

If you cannot work due to a medical condition, your disability insurance policy is meant to provide income replacement benefits so that you can keep up with your financial responsibilities while you focus on recovery. We recommend ways to prevent delays when filing  your LTD claim.

If your claim is approved, your insurer should begin paying benefits after the waiting period specified in your policy (usually 30 days from the date of disability), however, you may come across roadblocks that can delay the processing of your claim.

5 Ways To Prevent Delays

Increase your chances of having your claim reviewed in a timely manner by following these five steps:

1. Apply for benefits as soon as you and your doctor determine that you can no longer perform the essential duties of your occupation.

Any delay in proceeding could compromise your claim.

2. Fill out the claim forms completely.

If a question does not apply to you, note this on the form, as seemingly incomplete applications can cause significant delays.

3. Submit detailed medical support with your initial application.

Although all the insurance company asks for at first is a short form called the Attending Physician’s Statement, which is to be filled out by your doctor, the truth is, they will ask for detailed medical information down the line. Expedite this process by submitting comprehensive reports from your medical specialists with your initial claim form.

4. Send correspondence via registered mail and pay the extra few dollars to have a tracking number.

That way, your case manager can’t pretend they never received your paperwork. If your insurer prefers to correspond by fax, make sure your full name, contract and member ID numbers are noted on the front and back of each page and remember to print out a confirmation that your fax was sent successfully.

5. Cooperate with your insurance company’s requests in a timely manner, within their specified deadlines.

Remember that insurance companies are looking for any excuse not to pay you. Failing to follow their directions and deadlines can put your benefits at risk.

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