Environmental Sensitivities Can Be Disabling

Environmental Sensitivities Can Be Disabling

Environmental sensitivities occur when an individual becomes sensitive to a substance in their everyday environment. This sensitivity can cause them to experience adverse physical and physiological reactions upon exposure to the said substance.

Common Environmental Sensitivities

Some of the most common substances or phenomena that can trigger reactions in people with sensitivity include foods, scented products, cosmetic products, detergents and other cleaning products, paints and solvents, pesticides, pets, plants, moulds, cigarette smoke, gasoline and diesel fuels, and electromagnetic radiation.

While more women have environmental sensitivity than men, it can develop in either sex at any age. In the most severe cases, individuals may find that they are unable to tolerate being in public places such as shopping malls, restaurants, public transit vehicles or their workplace.

Especially where individuals are experiencing particularly debilitating symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, migraines, anxiety, respiratory problems, blurred vision, or inflammation of skin, joints or the gastrointestinal tract, an environmental sensitivity may be considered disabling.

Due to the vague, non-specific symptoms of this condition, diagnosis can be a challenge. There are no reliable tests to diagnose environmental sensitivities, and no proven effective treatments. Often, diagnosis depends on an individual’s ability to identify triggers in their environment and have their medical specialist test them based on these self-identified triggers.

Where the sensitivity is preventing an individual from performing the essential duties of their occupation, it may be particularly challenging to convince an employer or disability benefit provider that their condition is disabling.

It is important to note that The Canadian Human Rights Act recognizes environmental sensitivities as a disability, therefore, they must be considered as any other medical condition.

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