Work Related Stress a Leading Cause of Long-Term Disability Claims

Work Related Stress a Leading Cause of Long-Term Disability Claims

In the last few years, an increasing number of individuals are being diagnosed with work-related stress, also known as burnout.

Burnout Defined

Burnout is defined as “a state of vital exhaustion” by the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-10). Individuals suffering from burnout exhibit poor performance and diminished interest in their occupation and experience chronic, long-term fatigue. This may also cause or contribute to other health problems such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, cognitive impairment and heart disease.

Individuals with work-related stress and are unable to continue working and may turn to their long-term disability insurance benefits for income-replacement assistance while they seek medical help for their condition.

Insurance Companies Often Deny Claims Due To Work-Related Stress

Unfortunately, insurance companies rarely approve claims related to burnout because the condition is not considered a medical disorder. No officially accepted definition exists, and there is no accepted method of diagnosis.

It Is Possible To Fight The Insurance Company!

Our firm has seen a steady increase in denied claims based on burnout. Fortunately, with the expertise of a seasoned disability lawyer and strong medical evidence, it is possible to fight the insurance company’s denial and win the benefits you require to take time off work and seek medical treatment.

Has your long-term disability claim been denied? Contact Share Lawyers and put our experience to work for you. We offer free consultations and there are no fees unless we win.

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