Long-Term Disability Insurance Claim Denied Due to “Workplace Conflict”

Long-Term Disability Insurance Claim Denied Due to “Workplace Conflict”

According to Health Canada, more than one in three Canadian employees report a high level of workplace conflict and life conflict, one third of Canadian employees report high levels of depressed mood and half of Canadian employees experience high levels of stress due to work.

Workplace Conflict Can Affect Employee’s Health

Workplace conflicts can cause or contribute to poor physical and mental health. Common causes of workplace conflict with colleagues and management include personality clashes, gossip, discrimination, harassment and unreasonable workloads.

When a workplace conflict affects an employee’s health to the point that they are unable to perform the essential duties of their occupation, they may be advised by their medical doctors to take time away from work.

Insurance Companies Often Deny Claims Caused By Workplace Conflict

Long-term disability insurance companies often deny claims for mental illnesses caused by workplace conflict, taking the position that the employee would be capable of working in another workplace that is free of conflict, and are therefore not truly disabled.

This position fails to take into account that mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety have an enormous impact on an individual’s concentration and cognition, and that recovery is not guaranteed simply by changing environments. These illnesses range in severity from one person to another and may be long-term in nature.

Share Lawyers Can Fight For The Benefits You Deserve

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