Cancer Remission, Post-Treatment Recovery and Your Long-Term Disability Claim

Cancer Remission, Post-Treatment Recovery and Your Long-Term Disability Claim

Even after chemotherapy and radiation treatments have succeeded in putting cancer into remission, survivors are then left to recover not only from the disease, but also the negative side effects of those very same treatments that aided in their survival. Chemotherapy and radiation can cause serious long-term health problems well after the battle with cancer is over.

Cancer treatment affects every person differently and the symptoms depend on the type of cancer being treated. Some of the most common post-cancer treatment side effects include fatigue, depression, cognitive impairment (known as “chemo fog”), pain and numbness, lymphedema, peripheral neuropathy, difficulty breathing, heart problems, dental and oral issues, trouble swallowing, weight loss, digestive issues, and loss of bladder and bowel control.

Cancer Remission & Disability Benefits

If cancer is in remission and your post-treatment symptoms are preventing you from getting back to your normal routine, including going back to work, you may need more time for recovery.

If you were receiving long-term disability and your insurer is threatening to terminate your benefits now that your cancer is in remission, you must not delay in seeking legal advice to ensure that your benefits are protected, so that you can place 100 percent of your focus on regaining your health.

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