Challenges Faced by Individuals with Lyme Disease Who Require LTD Benefits

Challenges Faced by Individuals with Lyme Disease Who Require LTD Benefits

Lyme Disease is an illness caused by the bacteria borrelia burgdorferi that is spread through the bite of certain types of ticks. Lyme Disease has been present in Europe, Asia and much of North America and is rapidly increasing in Canada. Individuals with lyme disease face many challenges.

Symptoms Of Lyme Disease

The disease may initially cause inflammation, rash, fever, chills and swollen nymph nodes. If left untreated, it can cause chronic muscle and joint pain, arthritis, extreme fatigue and neurological and cardiac disorders. Since tick bites are typically painless, many people may not know they have been infected until symptoms are present. If they are fortunate, their treating physicians will run the appropriate tests.

In many parts of Canada where Lyme Disease is rare, doctors may be unfamiliar with the signs and symptoms of this potentially debilitating disease. In patients with early Lyme Disease infection, the chances of a false negative blood test are high. Moreover, since the bacteria is in the blood of infected individuals for only a brief period of time (usually when they are symptomatic), the road to diagnosis, treatment and recovery may take some time.

The good news is that in recent years the Government of Canada has invested millions in research and prevention strategies to combat Lyme Disease, including working with family physicians to enhance their knowledge and give them tools to order prompt testing, diagnosis and treatment.

Challenges Faced With Lyme Disease

Many individuals with Lyme Disease who are unable to work may have an especially difficult time convincing their long-term disability insurance provider that they are, indeed, disabled. This is even more common where a diagnosis for the pain, fatigue and “brain fog” have not yet been identified. These claims are denied due to “insufficient medical evidence” in support of total disability as defined in the policy. Fortunately, these denials have been successfully contested in the courts.

As medical and public awareness about Lyme Disease increases, insurance companies will find that claimants are not going to take no for an answer when it comes to their disability benefits.

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