How Long do Long-Term Disability Benefits Last?

How Long do Long-Term Disability Benefits Last?

Long-Term Disability Benefits

Long-term disability (LTD) provides benefits to cover loss of income when an illness or injury prevents you from performing the essential duties of your occupation.

Once approved, you should technically continue to receive LTD benefits as long as you meet the definition of total disability as defined in your insurance policy or until you:
reach an applicable termination date outlined in your policy;
receive maternity leave benefits;
start earning income;
reach the age of 65;
or have your benefits terminated by the insurance company.

Reasons Benefits May Be Terminated

Unfortunately, your benefits may be terminated for any number of reasons, even if you are still unable to return to work and you have your doctor’s full support.

Some of the most common reasons that insurance companies give for terminating benefits include non-compliance with rehab or treatment, surveillance and a change in the definition of disability. The results of an independent medical examination may also cause your insurer to cut off your benefits.

If your benefits have been terminated and you are still disabled, it’s important to speak with an experienced disability insurance lawyer to ensure that your rights are protected. You may have a strong case against the insurance company for terminating your benefits unlawfully.

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