LTD Terminated After Two Months; Insurer Tells Social Worker with Depression that She Should Be Better

LTD Terminated After Two Months; Insurer Tells Social Worker with Depression that She Should Be Better

Our client, a hospital social worker for 14 years, developed depression and burnout due to the demanding and traumatizing nature of her job helping place abused children in foster case.

LTD Terminated After Only Two Months

Her doctor strongly suggested that she take time off to treat her illness and referred her to a psychologist; however, her insurance company cut off her disability benefits after just 60 days. They disregarded the fact that she had just commenced treatment. The insurer’s in-house medical specialists believed that she should be ready to go back to work after taking a two-month “holiday.”

The insurance company was dismissive of the medical evidence and aggressive with our client, who felt forced to return to work even though she was very ill.

Share Lawyers Sues Insurance Company On Behalf Of Client & Successfully Negotiates Settlement

She was referred to Share Lawyers by her psychologist and retained us to commence a lawsuit on her behalf. After gathering medical and employment records, policy information and other relevant data, we were able to present strong evidence to the insurance company that the client’s depression was severe and chronic, affecting her ability to perform the key duties of her occupation. We also clearly indicated that refusing to pay our client her monthly disability benefit was in breach of their contract with her.

The insurance company agreed to negotiate a lump-sum settlement, which allowed our client to undergo treatment with security and peace of mind. Eventually, she retrained for a new career as a youth recruitment consultant that she found much more fulfilling.

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