How to Choose the Right Lawyer for your Long-Term Disability Claim

How to Choose the Right Lawyer for your Long-Term Disability Claim

Going to battle against a powerful and ruthless insurance company for your long-term disability benefits is no easy feat. Often, the only way to level the playing field and let the insurance company know that you mean business is to hire an experienced lawyer to fight on your behalf. Choosing the right lawyer is key.

When choosing the right lawyer, there are three key areas to consider:

1. Is the lawyer an expert in the disability insurance field?

Sure, your real estate lawyer was very helpful when you bought your home, and sure, his office is only two blocks away from you, but does he have proven success handling LTD cases?

The many provisions and limitations surrounding disability can be quite complex. Only a lawyer experienced in the area of disability insurance can obtain the maximum benefit for you. Additionally, while there are many insurance companies, a handful of giant insurance companies have the majority of the market share. To take on one of these major insurance carriers, your lawyer must have credibility that can only come with experience in this area of the law.

2. Will the law firm you speak to handle your case, or, will they “broker” your case out to a third-party firm and collect a finder’s fee for doing so?

If the lawyer is outsourcing your case to another law firm, chances are that this lawyer is not interested in providing you with an accurate and helpful assessment of your claim. Moreover, this lawyer may not be knowledgeable about disability insurance law and may know nothing about the third-party law firm’s track record with the insurance companies.

3.¬†Does the firm work on a “No Fees Unless We Win” basis?

If you have suffered a serious injury or illness and your long-term disability benefits have been denied, you are probably under great financial stress. The last thing you need to worry about is how to pay legal fees. That is why experienced disability insurance lawyers will usually work on a “No Fees Unless We Win” basis.

Under this type of fee structure, you do not pay any legal fees unless the lawyer wins your case. Fees are calculated as a percentage of the total amounts recovered. The percentage that is applicable to each client’s case should be discussed fully before the retainer is signed.

Paying no legal fees unless you recover money is favourable in long-term disability claims for a number of reasons. First, it allows access to the courts to those individuals who cannot afford legal fees. Second, since the lawyer is paid only if money is recovered for the client, it follows that the lawyer will only agree to take on the case if they believe they can succeed in winning. Third, charging fees based on success gives both the lawyer and the client incentive to work as a team to get the maximum settlement possible.

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