Help! My Doctor Won’t Fill Out My Disability Insurance Forms

Help! My Doctor Won’t Fill Out My Disability Insurance Forms

If you are in the process of filing a claim for long-term disability (LTD) insurance benefits, you know how important it is to have strong support from your doctors. A detailed medical report from your specialist clearly outlining why your illness or injury prevents you from working is essential to the success of your claim, and a minimum requirement for most insurance companies.

Unfortunately, if your doctor is unwilling to help you file the paperwork for your LTD claim, your chances of being approved for benefits may be greatly reduced.

In order to get your doctor on your side, the first step is to understand exactly why he or she is reluctant to fulfill your insurance company’s requests.

Lack of Time – One of the most common reasons that doctors seem unwilling to help with insurance claims is that they are simply overwhelmed with appointments. Follow up on your written requests with phone calls and be persistent so that your requests do not get lost in a pile of backlogged paperwork at your doctor’s office.

Fees -Your doctor may not be fulfilling your requests for medical information because they charge fees for those services and this hasn’t been communicated to you properly. Ask your doctor’s office if they charge fees to provide medical records and consider paying for a detailed medical report – it may be worth it if it helps you secure your LTD benefits in a timely manner.

Accountability – Another reason that your doctor may be wary of helping is that they are worried about how their involvement in your claim may affect their reputation. This can be a concern if you have taken your insurer to court for denying your benefits. You should speak with your lawyer in this situation so that they can address your doctor’s concerns.

No Diagnosis and Lack of Support – If you are experiencing debilitating symptoms that prevent you from performing the duties of your job but your doctor has not yet made a diagnosis, he or she may be hesitant to state that you are disabled. Or, perhaps your doctor does not sympathise with your condition and is not of the opinion that you should be off work. In that case, you may consider changing doctors to find one that takes your health problems more seriously.

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