I Am On Long-Term Disability. Am I Still Covered Under My Group Insurance Plan for Dental, Medical and Life Insurance?

According to the Ministry of Labour of Ontario’s Employment Standards Act, 2000, an employee on sick leave “has the right to continue to participate in pension plans, life insurance plans, accidental death plans, extended health plans and dental plans during his or her leave.”

If the premiums for these benefits were deducted from your pay cheques and you are no longer receiving pay cheques because you are on long-term disability, it follows that you will have to pay those monthly premiums on your own in order to maintain coverage. Your employer is not obligated to pay on your behalf. Refer to your company’s leave of absence policy or speak with your human resources department to be sure.

If you are disabled and receiving long-term disability benefits every month, you may already be struggling to make ends meet since your benefits do not cover 100 percent of your salary. Finding out that you have to continue paying premiums for your health benefits can seem like a major financial strain, but do consider that if you are ill or injured, having a health plan to cover the high cost of medications and some treatments can provide tremendous savings in the long run.

Another factor to consider is whether your group plan includes life, critical illness and accidental death or dismemberment insurance coverage. Continuing to pay premiums on insurance you already have is much safer than planning to apply for a new policy in the future. Having a lapsed insurance policy or receiving a denial on a new application due to your pre-existing conditions might leave you without any coverage whatsoever.

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