What Types of Disability Claims Does My Insurance Company Typically Deny?

Disability Claims Denied

Claimants often ask us whether their insurance company has a reputation for denying claims. As they wait for a response from their insurer regarding their long-term disability, they are reminded of stories from their family, friends and the media, of the underhanded tactics used by insurance companies to delay or deny legitimate claims for benefits. This can, rightfully, cause feelings of anxiety and fear while they wait for the insurer’s decision.

The truth is that no matter which insurance company you’re with–Manulife, Sunlife, RBC, Great West Life, Industrial Alliance, SSQ or any of the other countless insurance companies out there–they all operate in pretty much the same way; defensively, far from the best interests of you, the claimant.

They will not automatically approve you for benefits without conducting a thorough investigation to prove the legitimacy of your claim. Expect to provide extensive medical reports and to undergo medical testing with their doctors before a decision is made.

Even Legitimate Claims Denied

Unfortunately, we find that insurance companies also deny or cut off benefits even if the claim is legitimate.  You may comply with all the insurer’s requests and your doctors may support the fact that you cannot work due to illness or injury, but your insurer may still come back with a denial.

Keep in mind that this is not the end of the road for your claim. We may be able to help you get the benefits that are rightfully yours.


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