Michael Jackson’s Former Concert Promoter Withdraws $17.5 Million Insurance Claim

It’s been over three years since the tragic death of pop icon Michael Jackson, but the strange circumstances surrounding his demise are still making headlines.

Insurance Claim Dropped

AEG Live, Jackson’s concert promoter, has dropped its $17.5 million claim to insurance company Lloyd’s of London for losses incurred from the “This Is It” sold-out tour that was slated for July 2009 but was subsequently canceled after Jackson’s death on June 25, 2009.

Critics believe the lawsuit was dropped due to the Los Angeles Times’ publication of leaked emails from AEG executives, which seem to substantiate claims that the promotions company knew about Jackson’s unstable health well before his death.

(An interesting aside: Jackson’s mother, Katherine, has, in a separate lawsuit, made a claim against AEG Live for the wrongful death of her son. She alleges that the company was responsible for encouraging many of the negligent medical decisions made by Conrad Murray, Jackson’s personal physician. Murray was charged with the involuntary manslaughter of the late ‘King of Pop’ and handed the maximum sentence of 4 years of incarceration.)

If AEG Live had moved forward with their lawsuit, the leaked emails would have been a strike against the company. If the emails proved that AEG Live was, indeed, aware of Jackson’s poor health at the time it was securing the insurance policy with Lloyd’s, their actions would be seen as fraudulent misrepresentation in a court of law, thus voiding the insurance policy.


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