Injured at Work But Your Employer Does Not Offer WSIB Benefits? Consider Applying For Disability Benefits Through Your Group Insurance Plan

Injured At Work

When employees are injured at work and unable to perform their duties for a significant period of time, or if they become permanently disabled, they will often file a claim with WSIB, the Workplace Safety Insurance Board, to be compensated for their loss of income. WSIB provides employers with no-fault collective liability insurance and access to industry-specific health and safety information. It provides their employees with loss of earnings benefits and health care coverage.

Employer Not Register With WSIB

But what happens if your employer is not registered with WSIB? In that case, you may want to look into your group insurance plan’s short-term and long-term disability benefits policy. Just because your disability was caused by a workplace injury does not mean that you are ineligible for long-term disability benefits through your group insurance plan. However, if you are receiving benefits from WSIB, it will offset the amount available to you from your long-term insurance.

Employees who are unable to work due to a work-related injury and who do have WSIB through their employer might have their claim for benefits denied by the compensation board. Also in that case, long-term disability benefits may be a valuable source of income replacement.

If you apply for long-term disability insurance and receive a denial, contact our office right away to speak with a lawyer.

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