Homeowner’s Insurance & Property Damage

If your property has been damaged or destroyed, your homeowner’s insurance may reimburse you for your losses (depending on the specific coverage that is outlined in your policy). Some common causes of serious property damage include fires, explosions, natural disasters, floods, burst pipes and other types of water damage. It is recommended that you contact your insurer immediately after you contact your local police or fire department, if applicable, and after you have ensured that everyone is safe.

Homeowner’s Insurance Claim

When you make a claim to your homeowner’s insurance, they will assign an adjuster to survey the damage to your residential property. They will look at structural damage first. Some signs that your home is at risk of collapse include sagging roof lines, cracks in the foundation, leaning walls and uneven floors. The adjuster will also check if there are any downed utility lines.

Homeowner’s insurance should also cover the cost of damaged possessions. Your insurer will ask you to make a list of all damaged items and include it in your insurance claim. Many people find this to be a challenge, as it is not easy to remember the cost of every single item you had in the room(s) that experienced damage, especially if the damage is severe. The insurance adjuster will survey the damage and compare it against the list provided in the claim.

If your home is in an unsafe condition and you are forced to find alternate living arrangements, your insurer should also provide you with additional living benefits to cover accommodation.

A final note: do not start any restoration on your damaged property until it has been surveyed by the adjuster and your claim has been processed. You may also want to hire an independent adjuster to get a second opinion. This will help you to recognize if your insurer’s estimate of the damages is too low and may help in the event that your insurer disputes your claim.

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