The Insurance Company Won’t Pay My Benefits – Do I Need a Lawyer?

The Insurance Company Won’t Pay My Benefits – Do I Need a Lawyer?

Faced with notification from your insurance company that your claim has been denied, you may be wondering if you need the help of an experienced lawyer. You may be wondering when a lawyer is absolutely essential. There are several scenarios that would indicate that a lawyer should now handle your case. Virtually all disability claims can benefit from the expertise of a lawyer, experienced in the area of disability insurance. Further, you may be surprised to find that many lawyers in this area, such as Share Lawyers, operate on a contingency basis, which means there are no fees unless a settlement is reached and money has been recovered from your insurance company.

An experienced lawyer can guide your claim past the many hurdles presented in the claims process. There are many provisions and limitations included in your policy. Make no mistake; you are pitted against a corporate giant with an arsenal of legal weapons at their disposal. When you secure the assistance of a lawyer, you give yourself and your claim a fighting chance. Only an experienced lawyer can successfully negotiate the maximum settlement you deserve.

Long-term disability insurance claims are subject to time limits, thus, if it is close to a year since you have been denied, you should contact a lawyer. Many claimants contact a lawyer when they are beginning to feel overwhelmed by the process. In other instances, individuals locate a lawyer upon receipt of a letter from the insurance company giving them a specific period of time in which to respond.

You may simply feel that you have exhausted all of the options open to you and are not sure what to do next. An experienced lawyer can help you navigate these uncharted waters and secure the maximum settlement. Many claimants reach a point at which all of their time must be dedicated to overcoming their disability. The best move that these claimants can make is to find an experienced lawyer who can fight on their behalf.

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