I Can’t Work Because of Anxiety and Depression. Am I Eligible for Disability Insurance Benefits or Should I Quit My Job?

I Can’t Work Because of Anxiety and Depression. Am I Eligible for Disability Insurance Benefits or Should I Quit My Job?

Disability Benefit Eligibility

In recent years, a growing number of workers are filing for disability benefits through their group or private insurance due to debilitating mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression. These conditions arise for different reasons in different people. Genetics, a stressful lifestyle, a traumatic experience or a hostile workplace are just some of the factors that could cause or contribute to a diagnosis.

Claimants are often unsure about whether their disorder will be viewed by the insurer as a legitimate disability since there is rarely any tangible, objective evidence to prove these types of conditions. Yes, they are invisible disabilities, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. This is important to remember as you take the first steps towards recovery.

If your anxiety or depression is preventing you from performing your job, and your doctors state that you cannot work due to your medical condition, consider putting in a claim for disability benefits.

Serious Consequences to Quitting Your Job

Quitting your job could have serious and permanent consequences. A resignation will automatically make you ineligible for your disability benefits that you paid into as an employee. You have to be actively at work when you become disabled in order to make a claim for disability benefits.

However, if you are self-employed and own a private policy, your ability to make a successful claim is not dependent on your employment status. If you are unable to work at your own occupation, your insurer should pay out.  

If you do file for benefits, it is important to recognize that sometimes a medical diagnosis is not enough to support a claim for disability. Make sure to include comprehensive medical reports from your treating physicians that describe how you are functionally limited by your symptoms.  This means that the focus of a disability claim will often become whether you are able to perform the actual duties of your own or an alternative occupation.

If the insurance company denies you, this does not mean that your claim is invalid. Seek legal counsel immediately.

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