Critical Illness Insurance Denied Based on Non-Disclosure of Information

Critical Illness Insurance Denied Based on Non-Disclosure of Information

When you purchased your critical illness policy, you were likely asked to fill out extensive health forms before the insurer approved you for coverage.

Critical Illness Claim Denied

You may now have made a claim for critical illness benefits, only to receive a denial letter from the insurance company because they are either requesting confirmation of your previous medical health, or accusing you of non-disclosure of information.

The insurance company will only pay your lump sum benefit after going through a full background check of the medical records you had originally provided them. This may include requesting further evidence from your doctor to validate your records. If they have any reason to believe that the information you provided was inaccurate, or that you withheld certain medical conditions from them (whether inadvertently or not) they will deny you based on the grounds of non-disclosure.

Sometimes, even a medical condition you failed to disclose that has nothing to do with the condition you put in a claim for could be enough reason for insurers to deny you.

Insurers reason that they may not have approved you for coverage if they had known about the medical condition you failed to disclose. Therefore it is important to disclose your entire medical history when purchasing critical illness to avoid problems in the future.

If you have been denied your critical illness benefits due to alleged non-disclosure of information, we can determine whether you have been wrongly denied.

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