What is Mediation and How Can it Help My Claim?

What is Mediation and How Can it Help My Claim?

When you are awaiting settlement with your insurance company, the most likely next step is a Mediation Process.

Mediation Process

Mediation is a step before a trial in which the parties can seriously negotiate and come to an agreement in order to avoid the risk and expense of a trial. At mediation, you are called upon to answer questions. It’s a pressure cooker situation. However, it’s brief, comes along a lot quicker than a trial, costs less, and in most cases, results in a satisfactory outcome for both parties.

Mediation is also a confidential process, whereas the details and outcome of a trial would become public.

Mediators define a good settlement as one that makes everybody unhappy; the two sides compromise in order to close the case and move on with their respective lives. In your case, moving on with your life means getting a fair settlement so you no longer have to live with uncertainty, stress, fear, and financial worry.

Parties involved in mediation cannot be forced to accept an outcome they are not satisfied with. The mediator, unlike an arbitrator or a judge, does not make rulings on a case. Rather, the mediator assists the parties to reach a settlement by encouraging communication.

In some cases it is possible to settle the case without mediation by entering into direct negotiations with the insurance company. We will advise whether your case would benefit from a negotiated settlement or if mediation is the better approach.

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